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I eat and destroy.

Writers always have to have the last word.

Jenine overstepped his authority.

This will only take a minute.

Hillary seems to be very happy.

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I'll be able to do it on my own.

You seem to be in an awful hurry.

What time are you coming?

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The nets were loaded with fish.

My son can read a clock.

I can always sleep no matter where I am.

Bite down on the cotton roll.

Siping died a few days later.

Harry spent a lot of time practicing the piano this afternoon.

For your information, you are no longer welcome here.


Mr White arrives in Tokyo at 10:30.

Are you going to tell me how to do this or not?

I paid a lot of money for these.

I've been meaning to do something about that.

Get in the car.


I've been lurking all night, waiting for you to come out of your bedroom.

Last night, Mr. A called me up to say he couldn't attend today's meeting.

While driving, mind the potholes.

I miss my parents.

The cat is hidden under the table.

Why were you so busy yesterday?

You are foresighted and will succeed.

The teacher asked the students to practice the dialogue in pairs.

I can answer for his honesty, since I have known him for a long time.

Sergeant spoiled all my plans.

Did you say it was teatime, Anne?

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It is strange that he should have lost his way.

It is useless to try to persuade him to agree.

Oh my God! It's on fire!

He has a lot of money.

Is anything missing from your pocketbook?


I knew they were on the list.

The burglar must have entered the mansion from the roof.

The disease was caused by a new micro-organism.

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I'll see what is possible.

He expected many of them to come to his aid.

I can change language and speak in English or German.

He's an absolute fool.

I've got to get to sleep soon.

I've been waiting for one and a half-hours.

I still say it wasn't a good idea.

I don't like rural horror thrillers.

You got some white stuff on your boots.

Becky resigned suddenly.

Don' translate word for word! It should nevertheless be as true as possible!

I concentrated on what he was saying.

Nobody's blaming you.

We shouldn't do anything.

She arrived from Japan at the age of 10.

It's almost dinnertime.

I remember what Barbara used to be like.

Don't let her go out after dark.

I am getting across the river.

Renu is helping his mother wash the windows.

I've got to see them.

He always invited me to his dinner parties.

You may stay here as long as you want.

I have heard of this song some time ago.

Don't walk out on me again.

Everything has its limits.

It's too late to back out now.

Pierce whatever ear you want. It doesn't mean you're gay.

My boss is keeping me pretty busy.

She has a huge feather.

I'm going to make some calls.

I wish girls found me as attractive as they find Seenu.

The picture has been drawn well as yet.


Shouldn't we ask them first?

It was Sir Anthony's eightieth birthday concert and everybody wanted a ticket.

It happened that there was a hole in my pocket.

Jayesh knew this would happen.

All my energy has ebbed away.

Don't forget your student ID.

Can we talk about this later?

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Troy hasn't yet signed the contract.

Barton asked after his father.

Short skirts have already gone out.

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Whoever comes first will get the best seats.


He owns many valuable paintings.


He was mumbling something.

I forced him to carry the suitcase.

I've lived a long life.

Srinivas always seems happy.

Electric cars are getting popular.

Mike's mother lived in a big city before she married.

I'm not worried about that.

I prefer thought to action, an idea to an event, reflection to activity.

She can't make up her mind.

Did you see that studying does matters?

I think Ellen is sneaky.

He cannot be an honest man to do such a thing.

He received a ticket in return for the money.


I often think about my deceased mother.

It's my day off.

This is a road map.

Japanese companies have built up a reputation for quality.

I need to talk with you about something.

There are no fish in this pond.

Did we do well?


Christians believe that God is the creator of the world.

What did you come in here for?

The researchers trained monkeys to play a video game.

I wonder if they'll get divorced.

Is Clyde infected?

I made certain I wasn't being followed.

You should have Mr Brown correct your speech before the presentation.

Have you told him what to do?

I feel sad.

Pat has got nobody.

I saw Willie last night.

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This should be washed.

You should do all you can to help your neighbors.

What a bizarre tale!

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He stepped out for a moment.

Val doesn't even have a driver's license.

It was pitch-black.

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Whatever happened to her?

You want to have a lot of fluid in your system before giving blood.

It is surprising that Mr Sato should fail.

The truth is not always welcome.

Workers struggled as factories closed.


This is Christmas!


What happened was out of my control.

He did not cry at her funeral.

Where's your family?

Sanjay bragged about his new phone.

At last, he found out how to make it.

You can't hurt me.

Can they die?

Who's your favorite jazz singer?

I went to bed very late.

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We were all stunned.

I just wish I could remember.

A cat ran after a mouse.

That's Turkeer over there.

Milner must've died of a stroke.

Dancing is fun.

Are you going to be home for Christmas?

Murph never said anything about that.

I also teach English to them.

The project will require 2000 man-hours to complete.

In winter, I feel more tired.

Per may not be feeling well.

Chuck is rich, so money isn't really a problem.

She bore her misfortunes with a brave spirit.

I attended several parties last week.

Jean-Pierre pulled the arrow out of Marie's leg.

I'm going to work by bicycle.

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It took him three years to write the novel.


They embraced each other.


Everybody knows it now.


It's about time the government did something about pollution.

The Prime Minister is to make a statement today.

I think Jeanette should wear a tie to the party.

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It's sad to know that we may die any moment.

Jim is learning how to drive a car.

Throw it to him.

Did you call 911?

You hardly know me.


Andre might know what Rhonda's phone number is.


You must leave here before everything.

He has enough willpower.

Antony is around here somewhere.

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How did Roland start the fire?

My father was about to leave when the telephone rang.

I know the real reason you don't want go.